Item Cost
Helmet $350
Flash hood $100
Mask $400
Coat $1800
Pants $1500
Gloves $80
Boots $250
Breathing Apparatus $4000
Spare Bottle $1000
Total: $13480

Providing the personal protective equipment needed for a single firefighter costs approximately $13,480. This includes just what they are wearing to work at a structure fire and does not include the cost of the tools and other equipment they carry, their training, or the apparatus to get to the fire.

Each set of bunker gear (coat and pants) is sewn to the dimensions of a particular firefighter. This provides the absolute best and safest fit for working in extreme conditions. The clothing is limited to 10 years of use though NFPA standards. Most of it will undergo at least some level of repair to fix tears or other issues and some of it may be retired early if it becomes unrepairable.