Yes – Outdoor burning is generally allowed within the fire district. You must follow all County rules and regulations and never burn during a burn ban.

In any fire, it is only legal to burn natural vegetation or firewood. It is against the law to burn anything else – even paper (except for the amount to start a fire).

It is illegal to burn any material (except firewood) that is not generated on site.

No – The use of burn barrels is prohibited statewide.

No – It is a violation to burn any material resulting from a construction, renovation or demolition project.

Smoke, odor or ash that unreasonably impacts neighboring properties is illegal.

Burning is allowed during daylight hours only unless otherwise permitted by the Fire Warden. (Recreational fires are excluded from this restriction.)

Burn only when calm or with light winds that do not exceed 7-10 mph.

Types of Burning That Require a Permit

Recreational Fires – Larger than three feet in diameter and two feet high. Recreational fires are fine that consist only of charcoal or firewood that are used for cooking or pleasure.

Residential Fires – Larger than four feet in diameter. Residential fires are those consisting of leaves, clippings, pruning, and other yard and garden debris that are generated on site.

Land-clearing fires – fires consisting of trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation from land-clearing projects generated on site.

Recreational Burning

(Recreational fires 3 feet in diameter or smaller do not need a permit if all conditions below are met.)

  1.  The fire is in an enclosure no larger than 3 feet across. The enclosure must be minimum of 16 inches high and made of cement block, stones or #10 gauge steel.
  2. Materials being burned must be kept lower than the side-walls of the enclosure.
  3. A charged garden hose or 2 five-gallon buckets of water must be on site.
  4. A shovel or rake must be on site.
  5. The fire must be 25 feet from any structure or standing timber.
  6. Tree branches must be cleared to the height of 15 feet above enclosure.
  7. One person age 16 or older that is capable of putting the fire out must be in attendance at all times.
  8. The fire must be contained in a firebreak (bare ground).
  9. The landowner’s permission must be obtained if not on your property.